The Platform

Serving The Community

Michelle Arevalo Davila has been a part of the South Texas community her entire life, working tirelessly to make it a better place. 

She's not a politician, she's a Texas Public School Educator, fighting to make our Texas Public Schools safe, equitable and engaging places of learning for ALL Texas  children. 

She strongly supports Fine Arts education, Bilingual & Special Education programs, Teacher Advocacy and quality textbooks & instructional materials. She is opposed to Standardized Testing as a measure of school district accountability, and believes that there are many different factors that go in to measuring school district, teacher and student success. She opposes school vouchers and she believes that while Charter Schools have their place, they should be regulated and held to the same measures and expectations as public non-charters. She proposes a cap on the number of newly approved charters and the closing of low performing charters. Her demand for quality textbooks and instructional materials includes all curriculum areas, particularly core courses such as Science, Math, Reading/English Language Arts and Social Studies. 

United By A Common Goal - Quality of Education for All Children

Michelle Arevalo Davila knows the value of education. She's a certified classroom teacher with 15 years of professional experience, multiple degrees in education and 12 state teaching credentials. 

She's a mother of two toddlers; and her husband, Gabriel is a veteran Junior High & High School Band & Mariachi Director (20+ years in education). 

A native of Corpus Christi's West Side, Michelle overcame poverty and adversity to achieve professional and personal success. Despite many hardships, Michelle has never stopped striving for personal, educational and professional excellence. In fact, her background is what fuels her to continue to fight for educational equity for all students. "Education saved me" Michelle says, "it is the great equalizer, and the only ticket out of poverty.

After attaining her educational goals, she returned to public education and continues to Pay it Forward as a Texas Public School Teacher in Corpus Christi;  and a Board of Trustees member in Mathis. 

Professional Background:

Michelle Arevalo Davila began her career in education as a substitute teacher in 1999 while still an undergraduate college student. 

After receiving the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship sponsored by the US Department of State, she studied abroad as a Gilman Scholar in Paris, France. While living abroad, she attended French language collegiate studies and taught as a bilingual language assistant in the French Public School System. 

After graduating as a double major, she became a professional educator in 2002. Since then, she has served in various capacities, including Elementary & Secondary Teacher and Instructional Leader. 

She currently serves as a High School Teacher & Debate Coach in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. 

She is also a Mathis ISD Board of Trustees Member in her husband's hometown where she proudly resides, in Mathis, Texas. 

In addition to her many other roles, she serves as President of the  Board of Trustees for Special Hearts in the Arts, a non-profit organization that brings fine arts educational & performance opportunities to Special Needs children and adults in the Coastal Bend. 

A Life Devoted to Education

Educational Background: 

1997- Graduate of Foy H. Moody HS

Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Early Graduate (3 years) Laureate Scholar, Honor Student

2002 - Bachelor of Arts in History & Spanish, minor in French 

Texas A&M University Kingsville

2005 - Master of Science in Secondary Education 

Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

2013 - Doctor of Education in Bilingual Education 

Texas A&M University Kingsville

Texas State Board for Educator Certifications 

Currently Held: 

K-12 Superintendent of Schools

K-12 Principal

EC-4 Bilingual Education Generalist

K-12 Special Education

EC-4 Generalist

4-8 Generalist

4-8 Social Studies

9-12 Social Studies

9-12 History

9-12 Speech

9-12 English

9-12 Spanish

Awards Received: 

2002- Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship sponsored by the US Department of State


 An Analysis of Bilingual Education Programs and Directors in Texas Education Service Center Region Two School Districts (2013) 

ISBN  978-1-3033-6777-9 

Positions Currently Held: 

Special Hearts in the Arts, Board President

Corpus Christi, Texas

Mathis ISD Board of Trustees, Member

Mathis, Texas